Assignments Handled: Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

Assignment Description


Due Diligence,Share Valuation,Transaction Structuring & Shareholders’ Agreement

A Non Banking Finance Company was planning to take over a 100% EOU and manufacturer of a key raw material of industrial coatings.  Infinity offered an end-to-end solution including Due Diligence, Share Valuation, Structuring of Transaction so as to receive maximum possible tax shelters and Drafting of Shareholders’ Agreement.  Consequently, the valuation was accepted and the company taken over.



The minority shareholders of a Group of Companies engaged in manufacturing Electrical Components wanted to divesttheir stake in the Group in favour of the majority shareholders following some disputes between the two.
Infinity conducted a Valuation of the Group as a whole and the majority shareholders accepted the offer of settlement base don the Valuation Report.


Share Valuation Model

A German pharmaceutical major was interested in divesting a part of its stake in its Indian subsidiary. The assignment involved designing a valuation model and arriving at an appropriate valuation.  The recommended valuation was accepted.


Strategic Planning and Divestment

A leading player in the oil field chemicals and chlorinated rubber products was debating between selling off a line of business to a previous raw material supplier, who was forward integrating into production of the client’s main product or alternatively itself integrating backwards into production of said raw material.
Infinity conducted a detailed evaluation of both options and based on its recommendations, the client sold off the particular business to the supplier.
Infinity was further retained for working out all modalities of the sale.


Legal & Financial Due Diligence

A textile accessory manufacturer was facing certain irregularities in its financial statements. The assignment involved detailing the irregularities and was extended to suggesting remedial measures for the same. Infinity was further retained to suggest ways to nurse the operations back to health and presently the company has achieved cash break-even in its operations.


Company Valuation

A software company making m-commerce products was being taken over by a US based company in the same business. Infinity carried out a detailed valuation exercise for the acquisition.  The company was able to successfully able to USD 5 million of its equity with the investor based on the valuation.


Acquisition Feasibility

A software product company was interested in evaluating an  acquisition  opportunity  in  an   unrelated  business.  
The client was recommended not to acquire said company and accepted the recommendation.


Financial Feasibility, Due Diligence,Share Valuation & Shareholders’ Agreement

A PE player was planning to take over a manufacturer of Aromatic Chemicals used in skin care industry.   Infinity offered an end-to-end solution covering establishing the Financial Feasibility of the target company, carrying out Due Diligence, Valuation of the Target company and drafting the Shareholders’ Agreement.   Based on the exercise, the target company was taken over.



A manufacturer of Industrial Fasteners wanted to offer shares to Overseas shareholders.
For this purpose, Infinity prepared a detailed Valuation Report based on which the shares were successfully offered to Overseas Shareholders.


Building a Valuation Model

A construction company wanting to have an IPO required inputs on how to value its operations to make the offer price both attractive and lucrative.
Infinity built an appropriate valuation model and the IPO was massively oversubscribed.