Assignments Handled: Systems Design and Development

Assignment Description


MIS & Costing  System Designing

The client is a German MNC manufacturing specialty chemicals.  Apart from system design, Infinity is also providing MIS consultancy and Management Audit services since 1999 to this client. Infinity also contributes to ERP facilitation, inputs for budgeting, Working Capital Management and Strategic Planning and Acquisitions and market research for this client.


Costing System

The client was a specialty chemicals company 
organic chemicals  The costing system was designed with a view to modifying product mix, streamlining its production pattern as well as improving its operations planning process. With the new changes, from a position of losses the company achieved cash break-even in the subsequent year.  Apart from the costing system, Infinity also facilitated ERP implementation for the client in the area of costing of multi-stage process products


Costing System

A costing system for 7500 SKUs was designed and implemented for a manufacturer of industrial coatings.


Costing System

A costing system was designed for a MNC manufacturing auto components.  The costing system was later on integrated with the ERP system of the MNC.


Cost Management System

A garment manufacturing company required a system involving identification of key cost drivers and a monitoring system allowing efficient use of resources to generate profitability.  Infinity developed the system, which has enabled the company to achieve significant cost savings through efficient production planning and improved product mix.


Systems / IT Audit

A FMCG distributor in the Cola industry had a hybrid MIS system, involving duplication and manual intervention, which in turn led to grave inconsistencies. Infinity was commissioned to streamline and modify the MIS system. After the system overhaul, number of reports was slimmed down from 15 to 6 and HR initiatives were suggested for overall improvement. Infinity also facilitated implementation of the new accounting and MIS software.


Costing System

A manufacturer of cosmetic chemicals had several products made from a multi purpose plant.  The costing system was aimed at accurate cost assignment for the multiple products, leading to correct & competitive pricing.   With its implementation, cost structures were tightened leading to process improvements and a five fold increase in profit margins.


Financial Information System

A financial information system was designed and implemented for a software development MNC based in US, to enable them understand the financials of separate operations for different geographies, including project costs and revenues for multiple global projects.


Project Profitability Monitoring System

An Environment Consultancy Company required a monitoring system to enable them identify high pay-off areas in order to focus on generating better business and improve operating margins. The system has enabled the company to improve the company’s margins from 4% to 13%.


Costing System

A costing system was designed and implemented for a manufacturer of aromatic chemicals in order to enable top management decide on an efficient and effective product mix.   The new system challenged several established assumptions and enabled management to change the manufacturing process as well as product mix to improve profitability.


Documentation System

A State Government funded NGO was working in the field of environment management, carrying out a study to assess major causes of pollution and thereafter suggesting remedial measures.  The system was aimed at creating a documentation structure such that the NGO’s processes could be replicated at multiples places all across the country.