Assignments Handled: Business Planning and Strategy

Assignment Description


Strategy formulation for global  launch  of software  products  in wireless  application domain

A US based software product company was engaged in creating software products in the wireless application domain. Apart from the global launch strategy, Infinity also worked on creating an appropriate organizational infrastructure for the client, keeping their strategic goals in consideration. Presently, the product is available in five countries and being launched in another 7 global zones.


Business  Feasibility Analysis for Web Portal

UK based investors were planning to set up an Education portal to assist student and professional research.  The business model was found unviable and investors were advised accordingly.


Strategic  Business Plan

A group of domain experts in the entertainment industry were planning to set up a Venture Capital Fund including the identification of potential avenues for deployment. The submitted plan is under execution.


Ideology  Formation  and growth process planning

Infinity worked with the Top Management of one of the largest distributors of petrochemical products in India for articulation of Core Ideology for the company and in building a future plan to take the growth process further. With an articulate and rich core ideology in place, the client has recorded above-industry average growth rate and established international presence rate and established international presence.


Business  Feasibility Analysis  for  Web  Portal

A US based Medicine portal was looking at providing end-to-end solutions to hospitals, HMOs and doctors. Infinity found the business model unviable.


Business Plan for a Web Portal

Entertainment portal was planned for the democratization of the entertainment industry. The submitted business plan has been implemented with a few modifications.


Business  Plan  for  a Software Company

A software company was planning to develop products for the mobile-commerce domain. Based on the business plan given by Infinity, several contracts have been signed for trial launch and one major contract has been signed for commercial launch.


Strategic  Business Plan

A group of independent film makers needed a plan for creating a Venture Capital Fund, including structuring suitable vehicle to provide a platform for professionals in their area of expertise.


Corporate Consolidation

A manufacturer of electrical equipments was having too many separate entities operating in the same business area. After an intensive process mapping, the number of entities came down from 18 to 4, with clearly demarcated operations and areas of operations.


Project  Feasibility

Infinity prepared the feasibility report and shareholders'  
agreement for a manufacturer of pharmaceutical intemediates.


Strategic  Business Plan

A leading Indian chemical equipment manufacturer needed a business plan for the next 5 years, which was crucial especially in light of the loss of near-monopoly status of the company. Since its implementation, part of the lost market share has been regained.